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Peters Map

Professor Arno Peters, 1916-2002, German historian and cartographer, published the Peters World Map in 1973. It has since become one of the best-selling of all world maps.


Why is this?
Traditional world maps such as the Mercator often exaggerate the scale towards the poles, giving an erroneous picture of the relative sizes of different countries. They have tended to show countries incorrectly in proportion to one another. For example on the Mercator projection Greenland is shown as being about the same size as South America when in fact it is nine times smaller - see the picture below where Jane Elliott, the internationally acclaimed diversity champion, has been filmed at a training session pointing out this important fact on a Mercator Map (featured in the DVD ‘Perception is Everything’ – see Details of Training Courses, DVD's and Other Training Resources). In complete contrast, the Peters Map shows all areas- whether countries, continents or oceans according to their actual size, while retaining a rectangular grid (north-south and east-west lines are not curved but straight). Accurate comparisons become possible. By showing all countries in their true size this map allows fairness to all peoples by giving each one its actual position in the world. The bottom margin of the map expands on this information.

The Peters map is available in 2 sizes both folded to A4

  • For the first time in the UK the larger wall map 890 x 1260 mm, 10.00 (price includes p&p)
  • Standard size 590 x 840 mm, 4.00 (price includes p&p)

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